You are our top priority

From our perspective, nothing is more important than your freedom. Every dollar we receive goes toward advocating for strong legislation at the state and federal levels. When you donate to our nonprofit organization, you'll be helping us...

Uphold conservative values that protect your Constitutional rights
Maintain a strong, secure border to safeguard our great nation
Protect your 2nd Amendment rights so you can defend your family

We're proud to work throughout 18 counties on the Texas Gulf Coast. Reach out to us today to find out how you can contribute.

Fearlessly Fighting For You

Working throughout the Texas Gulf Coast

Upholding Tradition and the Constitution

You can depend on us to fight for you

As your civil liberties are threatened on a daily basis, you want someone on your side who is willing to fight the fight. Texas Regional Sheriff’s Alliance works to protect Texas citizens and educate them about their rights. Backed by 18 county sheriffs, our alliance is dedicated to pushing forward smart legislation to safeguard your American freedoms.