Learn More About Our Organization

Learn More About Our Organization

Depend on us to fight for you

As people try to strip your rights away from you - including your right to bear arms - you need someone there to push strong legislation on your behalf. The Texas Sheriff's Regional Alliance bands together 18 county sheriffs from the Texas Gulf Coast, raising funds to support our community and legislative efforts. We're working to create a regional crime-fighting model to help our offices increase effectiveness to keep our communities safe.

Find out more by speaking with a member of our alliance today.

We run off donations

At the Texas Sheriffs' Regional Alliance, we work for you. Our nonprofit organization is completely donation-funded, which means that we answer to you in all aspects of our work. This includes...

  • Proposing conservative legislation
  • Putting together new crime-fighting programs
  • Defending your 2nd Amendment rights
  • Fighting to uphold the United States Constitution
  • Securing our local borders

Donate to our local alliance today to assist our efforts. You can reach us by calling 361-645-1262.